best movie sites for free download

If you are in hunt for the best movie downloading websites, then you have landed on the right page, since we are providing you with some of the best pages and websites to download  movies for free.

l.Not only that but we also assure you that these movie downloading websites are free to use without having to register for any service or anything like that.

best movie sites for free download


If you want a stable and a simple website which offers you with high quality movies and that too for free, then please refer to this website as it has a really huge collection of great movies that you want to watch and just after that, you can easily download them for free. Also this website has an algorithm to select most viewed movies on top for you to view.


This movie downloading website is considered as one of the best and most secure movie downloading website to download full length movies for free and that too directly on the devices that you use.

You can also find your favorite Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies in this website for free from it and also download movies according to your choice without any sign ups at cartoon hd app for free here you can download the latest version of cartoon hd app for free


This here is one of the greatest and one of the best websites to not only watch online but also download HD quality movies for free and it also adds all of the latest releases that you want to watch over the devices you use.

Moreover, you can also find your favorite movie by searching in the search box of this movie downloading website.


When it comes to finding out the best movie downloading website for you which not only has a great collection of all categories of movies but also provides different genres of movies in formats they you want to watch over your devices.

You’ll undoubtedly love this movie downloading website and with that, you’ll also love the thing that Everthing in this movie downloading website is free to use and download without any sign-ups too.


The name of this movie downloading website says that this website deals and provides movies in Mp4 format Movies that you have all been looking for.

Moreover, it also has been providing you with a huge amount of high quality movies to watch for free and some of the said categories include Bollywood, Hollywood etc and if you just want to download movies for your phones directly, just click on the download link and your movie will be downloaded in lesser amount of time than usual and other sites.

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Well many people among us love to listening and downloading music that includes in their favorite list. You might hear a song somewhere and liked it so much that you actually wanted it in your computer or phone. Where would you look up to download that?

Generally you would search up over the internet because DVDs don’t sell much these days. But do you actually know where to look up for your favorite Bollywood song? Which site to visit and what to download?

You might have been a victim of ads and malicious sites so far because you might have visited a site and it turned out to be a spam, virus or full of ads. In that case, we recommend you to go for a trusted website and as of that, we have brought you a list of top websites to download your favorite bollywood sites.

Best bollywood songs downloading website

  • SongsPK

SongsPK is one of the most popular sites for download all types of Bollywood songs. You can download latest Hindi songs as well as old songs via this website. You can download different quality of mp3 from this website. This website provides you a good collection of Indian Pop and Remix, Bhangra/Punjabi, Ghazal, Wedding Songs, Bollywood Movie Songs and many more. It is a great website to download top Hindi Bollywood songs for free. You can listen to a huge collection of Bollywood songs and Indian Mp3 songs in this website and you will also get music and movie reviews in this website.



This site offers you to download all kind of music lovers because here you will get huge collection of Indian Movies Songs, Indian pop albums, Punjabi/Bhangra Songs, Indian Ghazals, Instrumentals, Wedding Songs, Qawalies, Tamil Songs, Pakistani Movies songs and many more and that too for free of cost. You can easily search your favorite songs in its top search bar and the best thing is that all songs are piled up in categories which make your searches easier and comfortable to download.


Indiamp3 is a great website to download Bollywood Songs and perfect for music lovers because in this website you can search all types of music. You get top 10 songs of the week, Indian movies songs, Indian pop albums, Qawwali etc in this site.

There is a huge collection of songs in this website. This website also provides the feature to play the songs online for free which means you can stream into your favorite songs without incurring any charges. Here you will also get a good collection of new albums, top 10 songs and many more. There are thousands of mp3 songs to download for free.

Gaana is the . This is the best website for you if you are a music lover because in this website you can search all types of music. You can search the album as well as song. There are a huge number of song collections in this website and can get all songs on this website. You can search songs by artist name also and the results are more accurate and displayed in different categories.

  • DJMaza

DJMaza is a great place to download your favorite Hindi Bollywood songs for free. Here you can have a look on the top 21 downloads of the present day, the day before, the current week and even for the current month. This website also provides additional categories from where you can download not only songs but also free wallpapers, ringtones, full mp3 songs, videos, screen savers, games, software, themes and many more.


Funny WhatsApp DP profile picture images

WhatsApp has become very popular in this current generation. WhatsApp is an App which is designed as a messenger. Today WhatsApp App has become one of the most popular messengers and people referred this WhatsApp App other than any other messenger.

Before we used to change our profile picture in facebook or orkut but now things have changed. Today WhatsApp has taken its place in place of other messengers. In this WhatsApp App you will be able to change your WhatsApp profile picture as your which. WhatsApp Display Picture which is popularly known as WhatsApp DP has became very common these days.

funny whatsapp dp

Millions and millions of people are using this WhatsApp App today. Through this App you will be able to text messages with your friends. You can also send any type of files through this WhatsApp App. Not only this you can also send an audio message and attach different kind of images and sent it to your friends. In this WhatsApp App different kinds of emojis are also available which will lets you to have funs with your friends.

About WhatsApp DP

As I have already mentioned earlier that WhatsApp DP has become very common for every people today. Some people put their WhatsApp DP of their own pictures but some people use different kind of funny pictures in order to impress their friends. Some people search funny images from the internet and put it as their WhatsApp DP. There are thousands and thousands of pictures available in the internet for WhatsApp DP for boys as well as for girls.

Requirements for WhatsApp DP

  • The maximum size of your WhatsApp DP should be 192 X 192 Pixels.
  • If the size of your photo is more than that then you need to crop your photo while setting up your WhatsApp profile picture.
  • You can get different types of funny WhatsApp DP from the internet and impress your friends.
  • You can also get WhatsApp DP with funny quotes from the internet but make sure that that photo will support your WhatsApp DP.

Top Listed photos for WhatsApp DP

  • You can use this photo as your WhatsApp DP and make your friends very interesting and funny. This photo can be used for overweight person and make your friends very funny by keeping this photo as your WhatsApp DP.

black panda whatsapp dp image

  • This photo can be used by girls. This photo refers about your attitude and moreover this photo is very funny which can make the people very funny especially to your friends.

dekh bhai whatsapp dp

  • This is a very funny picture. You can use this Picture as your WhatsApp DP and make your friends laugh which will make your WhatsApp DP very interesting.

hulka whatsapp dp

  • This is a very funny picture which can be used as a WhatsApp DP for the students. This picture will make your friend very interesting and funny after seeing your WhatsApp DP.

doesn't want to study

  • This is also a very interesting and funny picture. This picture refers about friendship and you can keep this picture as your WhatsApp DP. It will make you and your friends really interesting.

best friendship quotes dp


As I have already mentioned some of the funny pictures in which you can keep these picture as your WhatsApp DP. You can find more interesting and funny pictures from the internet and make your WhatsApp DP cool and attractive.

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